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Lionhead Fountain Mural

Lionhead Fountain Mural

Posted by Jeanne Jesse on 2/18/2008
This mural was added to a high end hair salon to help give the interior a natural and beautiful atmosphere.

Massage Room Mural
This beach mural helps patients relax for their massage.
504 x 378 px  (48 KB)
Painted Arch
This stone archway was constructed around a closet doorway. It was made out of foam and then painted to look like old stone.
288 x 432 px  (30 KB)
Lionhead Fountain Mural
537 x 664 px  (92 KB)

 Painter:   Jeanne Jesse  Contact Painter 
Local artist available for high end murals and decorative painting. With many years of experience in commercial and residential projects, I can help you create an environment that is as unique as you or your business. Murals are a great way to make your customers shopping experience fun and memorable. Decorative painting helps your products and/or home furnishing stand out in a way traditional painting never can. Please check out my web site www.jeannejesse.com for many beautiful examples of what can be done. Will travel. Licensed and insured.


  • Warriors
    Warriors: que lindo trabajo! muy elegante! los colores me gustan mucho! felicitaciones! hasta pronto!
    3/31/2008 9:43 AM

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