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Posted by Kramer997 on 7/29/2007

my first classic flame job
this is my first practice flame job i found it not to bad but if anyone have some pointers for me. please do because i wonna learn.
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my first classic flame job 2
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  • Big Nick Customs
    Big Nick Customs: Not to bad for the first time. The key to any custom painting technique is "PRACTICE"! I have helped many young "grasshoppers" pick the pebble from my palm. Try laying out your flame design on a mirror or flat panel before moving on to a contoured part. If you are looking for the perfect flame there is no such thing! There are many variations of this technique. Keep working at it, you will have those flames flowing off your fingertips in no time.

    "Big Nick"
    8/1/2007 5:00 AM

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