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Posted by Encline on 1/12/2007


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cool fire

cool fire

This stretched Harley was wrecked, so he wanted something diffrent. DuPont Cosmic Dust base, charcoal candy fade with trure blue candy all over, along with some ice pearls, DuPont clear...Bam.. this thing!
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wrecker u up

wrecker u up

I recieved a call from my buddy in Columbus, Ga. "I got a big job!" He was right. We tackled this after is was based red. I tell you, this was like painting a mobile home.
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Encline Designs is based out of Flowery Branch, Ga. About 30 miles north of Atl. We specialize in custom art work on ..well, anything. Everything has a theme throughout. Artwork tells a story if you look close enough. We simply write it. We believe in contributing to the growth of the custom culture in the Southeast. We love what we do and have a blast doing it. Hope all do the same.


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