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Jay Moody's Gallery

Posted by Jay Moody on 11/1/2005
In the 35 years i've painted for others, I've learned that being a great artist, or craftsman, will get you started in this business. However, it is consistant quality, and business ethics that keep you in business. Today's customers don't just want a great job, they want a great experience too. This should be fun for everyone involved!

I am located in southern Arizona. If you aren't within driving distance, we can still do business on small shipable items, such as motorcycle tin, and helmets. I have done many jobs this way, with minimal problems, and at a very competitive price.


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Bikes & Helmets

Bikes & Helmets

These bikes and helmets are a sample of the level of work I offer. I like to use strong clean design, an interesting level of detail, and a big dose of imagination! I've done mailorder painting for customers as far away from Tucson as, eastern Canada, Boston, Chicago, North Carolina, Texas and more.
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Hot Rods and Flames

Hot Rods and Flames

I've painted many kinds of vehicles, but I've always felt that "Hot Rods" and "Flame Jobs" are the origin of everything else.
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Here in the Southwest sand rails and buggies are becoming a very popular sport. While I've done primarily the more traditional custom vehicles, these are evolving into extreme builds, including the paint work.
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Surfboards & Collectibles

Surfboards & Collectibles

While I have spent my career working on custom vehicles, there has always been occasional requests to do something that I would call "art", collectibles,or automobilia. I enjoy the variety it offers, and most times it is directly related to the car or bike cultures.

Many of these have been "generic" flamed ice chests, gas pumps, or refridgerators, but some have been more interesting. :-) Enjoy.
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  • Jay Moody
    Jay Moody: Located in Tucson, Arizona, Jay is a 30+ year veteran custom painter, offering complete services for bikes, rods, racecars, and other popular vehicles.

    He offers all popular styles, including illustrations, flames, murals, lettering, striping, special effects, special colors, custom fabrication and body work. He offers mail order on helmets, and motorcycles.

    Jay likes to do the "unusual" or create new themes, but he is experienced in all of the traditional styles.

    He believes that being a great painter will get you started, but consistant quality, and good business practices are what keeps you in business.
    11/1/2005 1:40 PM

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